So I’m a blonde woman in Trinidad.  Yeah … I get nicknames like Snow White, Barbie and Paris.  Yes … Paris.  In fact, just this weekend while at a cricket match I was stopped three separate times by people calling me Paris Hilton and asking to take my photo.  Granted … I think they were a bit inebriated.

One of the first questions I get almost every day is “So what … wait … WHO … brings you to Trinidad.”

Here’s my answer again … on record.

The “who” was Caribbean Airlines.  I realized I was working myself out of a project at Caribbean Star Airlines (I was closing the airline, after all) and so approached Caribbean Airlines about opportunities to help them out with the marketing and corporate communications. CEO Philip Saunders brought me on as a consultant in July 2008.

The “what” was opportunity.  The more time you spend somewhere, the more opportunities reveal themselves. It just about having the vision to recognize the opportunities and having the guts to take advantage of them.

Looking different and having different perspective on things usually works in my favor.

Laura Cotton in Trinidad: When in Rome ...
Laura Cotton in Trinidad: When in Rome ...