There have been many times I wish I had a camera during my nightly runs around the Queen’s Park Savannah (Trinidad).  But none more than last night (so far).

The vagrants around the Savannah have adopted the use of strollers (“pram” for yuh Trinis) to carry and hold their bags, mats and other collections.

Last night, perfectly perched on the deluxe stroller one vagrant uses to carry his collection of bags was a telephone … yes … a telephone. Identical to the rotary phone we used to have in my family’s living room in the early 1980s, this phone was obviously more than a decoration for the vagrant. It was for business.

Stretched five feet or so from the perched phone was a cord connecting it to the rusting pay phone closest to where the man was lounging on a park bench … lounging and intently watching the phone.

I did a doubletake as I ran by.  Huh?  He’s expecting a call?  Who calls a homeless person? What business would he have? How would he get the number? I wonder if he makes collect calls.

I couldn’t help but wonder in awe … I guess address or no address, everyone wants to stay connected.

I’m seriously considering planting myself on a neighboring bench the next time I see telephone vagrant just to hear the phone ring and see what happens next.