I wake up, hit snooze (usually twice), slide out of bed (and promptly make it), lather up in the shower, put on makeup, style my hair, stand in front of my closet contemplating my wardrobe (sadly my I-Dream-of-Genie head nod has yet to magically produce new clothes), don on a business casual outfit, and head to my office just like the average business woman on an average workday morning. The difference? My office is in the next room.

Yep … I work out of a home office. But don’t let the “home” part fool you. I’m fully dressed, sitting at my desk and focusing on my laptop screen by 9 a.m. every morning – unless I have a meeting elsewhere with a client. And I stay in work mode until at least 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Some people say it takes discipline to be able to work like that in the relaxed atmosphere of home. If that’s the case, thanks Mother and Daddy for teaching me great work ethic.

Here are my top three office rules:

1. Keep the dress code: I’m the kinda girl that needs to dress the part. If I’m dressed professionally and ready to go, I’m all business.

2. Designate a workspace: I designate my desk and work area as just that – my work area.  When business has concluded for the day, I stay away from that space. Gheesh … I’m tired of it by then anyway.

3. Do casual Fridays: ‘Nuf said.