Pearl Strategies: PR and Image Development


September 2009

A motivational kick in the pants

Not since my Brigham Young University college days (shout out to the Rulon L. Bradley PRSSA Chapter) have I enjoyed a local professional chapter that is so dedicated to developing its members. Thanks IABCTT!

Airport slipper shuffle

55 minutes later I shuffled down the polished floors of Concourse D, past five gates and one moving sidewalk in pathetically huge spa slippers. You know the ones … two millimeters thick, one-size-fits-all, vaguely looks like smashed pieces of white bread on the bottom your polished feet.

No base … that means you sweat

Panting, strategically chasing, frantically dashing, I realized I definitely wished for a base. I wanted a safe space where I could retreat from stress and worry. Somewhere I could escape to avoid being caught – being “it.”

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