After indulging all morning making and eating homemade poptarts (yeah … I’m the cool aunt … shhh … don’t tell my sisters) three of my nieces and nephews asked me to play “hi and seek” with them.  I said yes (after a chuckle over the cute name mix-up).

Soon after… barefoot and sweating … neighbors could see me dashing around their brick, two-story home trying to dodge darting nieces and a super-speedy nephew.

The rule was there was no base.  So after the seeker yelled “ready or not, here I come!” I just held my breath that the pint-sized “it” wouldn’t discover me in my hiding spot before they caught someone else to be “it.” Otherwise, it was a continual run, stop, crouch, direction change, sprint, look over shoulder, stop, crouch, glare challengingly and direction change until either I give up and let “it” catch me, or they acknowledge my prowess and give up to chase someone else.

Panting, strategically chasing, frantically dashing, I realized I definitely wished for a base. I wanted a safe space where I could retreat from stress and worry. Somewhere I could escape to avoid being caught – being “it.”

If only we had such a base in our careers. A place that when we get too close to “getting out” or feel stress from running too much we can flee to feel safe – where no one can threaten us. But then we wouldn’t get the workout – the chance to fear capture but then rejoice when we run past the danger. But on second thought … I prefer the chance to feel triumph after working through a challenge rather than compliancy in a non-threatening refuge. I need the sweat.