Welcoming an opportunity for a motivational kick in my backpockets, I RSVP’d for the Innovation for Survival: Turning Experience into Business Opportunity seminar hosted by the Trinidad & Tobago chapter of International Association of Business Communicators (IABCTT).

My favorite take-aways:

  • Have courage and don’t take anything for granted. (Alison Smith: CEO – Smith & Smith Productions)
  • The difference between an entrepreneur and a small business owner is an entrepreneur has a greater appetite for risk and aptitude for innovation. (Curtis Mayers: National Entrepreneur Development Company, Ltd.)
  • Be passionate and always keep your integrity intact. (Debra Sardinna-Metivier: Chef & Entrepreneur – DSM)
  • Learn about and take advantage of the resources available for entrepreneurs and business owners. (Albert Chow: Business Development Company)
  • As Adam Smith said the wealth of nation lies in its land and people, we need to develop the people and fire up their imaginations to create opportunity. (Dr. Pat Bishop: educator, etc.)

Everyone mentioned to some degree the importance of recognizing your shortcomings and involving key people to help. Finance/Accounting seemed to be the number one area suggested to assign to someone appropriately trained.

Not since my Brigham Young University college days (shout out to the Rulon L. Bradley PRSSA Chapter) have I enjoyed a local professional chapter that is so dedicated to developing its members. Thanks IABCTT!