This is yet another example proving the importance of being genuine.

I experienced some lodging challenges during a recent trip to New York City and so I reached out to some friends. One offered his place. In distress, I accepted. Upon my arrival, he said, “I know I made the offer but …”

I will let you fill in the blank.

After telling him I was glad he felt comfortable enough to be so honest with me, I told him it made the situation uncomfortable, especially since it was too late to go anywhere else. While his actions were quite hospitable, his body language yelled “I’m not so happy you are here.”

Determined not to make it awkward, I did all I could to be charming and pleasant.  Then it dawned on me, he could have had a sweaty, messy slob; instead he was upset to have a cute, charming and tidy lady barely taking up space. So I stayed the two days, as he originally agreed, to prove a point.

Three lessons for all like-minded people:

  1. If you’re gonna to be insincere, be insincere a little longer. If you’re gonna lie, commit to that lie for the duration. (What was two more days in this case?)
  2. Since you’ve already lied, why not tell another one to get out of it.  “Sorry, I’m painting my place so it won’t work out for you to stay here after all.”
  3. Don’t extend an invitation you aren’t prepared to have accepted. Be genuine and sincere at all times. (This is the winner.)