My family and friends top the list but my I’m-thankful-for list also includes the following things:

  • My neighborhood Trinidad Hi-Lo carries “fresh” skim milk and not just that reconstituted boxed stuff … I can pour a big glass and enjoy without wondering about the odd milk color!
  • The Big Bang Theory … seriously hilarious and witty.
  • Acquisition … for all that music I spontaneously want right away.
  • A dedicated parking spot at Antilia’s office … parking in St. James, Trinidad is a killer.
  • The After 6 football group … it includes a running trainer AND men who tease me like they’re my brothers.
  • Ladies dinners … I’m singing the theme song to “Girlfriends” right now.
  • Built up AAdvantage miles … they paid for many trips this year.
  • Delta’s Air Lines’ “Buy with Miles” option … so easy and convenient!
  • Pasminas … forever on my list of favorite things (and always a good gift, my friends)
  • Nice Caribbean Airlines staff … thanks for all those “upgrades” to business class.
  • Altina … I couldn’t have kept everything in order in Antigua without her.
  • A savings account … it allowed me to take time to regroup without working full-time.
  • A fridge with filtered water … I just got plain tired of buying bottled water.
  • Free wifi in Caribbean airports … now the U.S. has to catch up!
  • Skype … my connection to my international family and friends.
  • Pretty ribbons … they make me happy.

    – Laura