She touched my arm as I walked past … fresh off the airplane and into the holiday-decorated Louisville, Kentucky airport terminal.

I paused my purposeful strut and turned to meet her glance.

“It’s so nice to see someone in high heels and dressed up to fly nowadays.”

I broke in a wide smile and tipped my blonde-haired head.

“Well, thank you.”

Chalk up another one for Laura’s theories … well … two of Laura’s theories.

Theory 1: If you dress according to the way you want to feel, others will view you in that way, too. So I dress how I want to feel … and that’s usually pretty and polished.

Theory 2: People appreciate other people making an effort to look nice in public. Air travel is not so uncomfortable to warrant wearing pajama bottoms and slippers.

While flying, we encounter thousands of people in a period of hours. How many times do we get to make a positive impression on that number of people in that short space of time?

So next time you dress to travel … dress to impress.