I love my birthday. Why? Because it’s a day especially for me. It’s a day when I can rationalize any indulgence.  Plain and simple … it’s my day.  And big days like that deserve a build up. Instead of a cold-to-hot scenario, I like to warm up to it.  So I celebrate birthday week.

Each day I do something to reward myself for another year of life … you know things like a pedicure, manicure, hair appointment, massage, shopping, lunches and beach time. My favorite tradition is buying birthday shoes. Fun shoes in size 6.5.

But the most memorable things about birthday isn’t what I get for myself, it’s what others give to me – time and love. A shout out to my “girlfriends” who ventured out to the beach in cloudy weather and fetes with empty stomachs (thank goodness for unopened bags of cheesesticks); to a Savannah liming “brother” who ventured into the kitchen to make me a lemon birthday cake (yes, I promise it tastes good); to a 6’6” friend who belted out an original Laura song (to the tune of Love Boat, no less); to a lunch pal who let me eat ¾ of a shared piece of cheesecake (not much of a shared piece, eh?); to a sweetie to interrupted a busy day to treat me to dinner (yum … Vene Mange); to my mother who sent me sweet, thoughtful messages every day (she truly is an angel).

Thank you to all those who made January 30 special for me.  It’s gonna be a good year.