If I were a superhero, this is what I hope I may look like.

A girlfriend asked me this week if I could have any superhero power, what would I choose.  And you know what … I couldn’t spout off a quick answer. So I did some research.  I know … kinda geeky but I like to give honest answers.

I asked a friend who typed up a respectable list of powers but nothing really connected with me.  So I googled “superhero powers.”  Wow … someone had some extra time or definite passion to complete a very long and detailed entry in Wikipedia.

As I scrolled through the list of different powers (categorized by type: mental, physical, knowledge based, manipulation, etc., AND crossed referenced to specific examples in comic books and science fiction), a few made me stop and read.

Invisibility: Ooh! Imagine being able to disappear during awkward situations. Better yet … being able to walk into the any room, see and hear what’s going on without being detected.

Mindreading: This automatically came to mind after reading about invisibility. But I am not so sure I would want to know the thoughts that rattle around in everyone’s head.  Sometimes ignorance truly is bliss.

Memory manipulation: Well … I could just erase the memory of someone so they don’t remember that really stupid comment, or enhance other’s memory to help people only remember good times.

Plant manipulation: There is something incredibly tempting about the ability to control, manipulate or animate all forms of plant life. Imagine the trees moving to pr

otect children like Mr. T or the rose bush growing outside your mother’s house at whim to cheer her up.

The two that kept me up into the wee hours contemplating (it’s 1:31 a.m. as I write this) are:

1. Omni-linguism: The ability to understand any form of language. Just imagine

the people I could reach, the friends I could have, and the competitive edge I would have if I could understand anyone, anywhere. I could have the ability to work with international relations and country negotiations. I could have the ability to go into the most remote village in the corners of the earth and contributing to its society – and they contribute to my personal development.

2. Teleportation: The ability to move from one place to another without occupying the space in between. My insatiable desire for travel could be satisfied – and with little cost.  No more waiting in lines at airport, no more worrying about budgeting to take

the summer holiday, no more hoping for that upgrade to first class and no more all-day flights. Ooh … there would be a long list of “no more’s.”

Hmmmm … ideally I would like to have both because they really compliment each other. But if I could only possess one, I would go with teleportation.

Now … about the super hero suit.