I teach and I learn

Laura Cotton teaches LIAT Call Centre Supervisors Development Workshop in Antigua

I love teaching workshops because I always come out learning or validating something new.  Here are five things re-emphasized to me after teaching LIAT’s Call Centre Development Training in Antigua last week.

  1. We cannot hold people accountable for things we haven’t told them that we expect (it’s just not fair).
  2. Teaching customer service makes me a much better customer (‘nuf said).
  3. Sharing personal stories ALWAYS work to hit home a point (and I have a lot of ‘em).
  4. Maintain the same environment in the workshop as we coach them to have in their workplace – fostering and unintimidating (teach by example, anyone?).
  5. Scenarios and role playing is absolutely essential to measure participants’ understanding and desire to implement the skills taught (plus, it’s fun).

And as an added bonus …

COTTON TIP: Ask each participant his/her favorite song in the introduction part of the workshop. Later surprise them by playing the songs through out the breaks. It’s a great way to make each participant feel valued and like you really listened – just as they should to make the customer feel.

3 thoughts on “I teach and I learn

  1. Laura- Interesting list. And for free (also interesting). I take exception to number five. I find scenarios and role plays WEIRD. Having had 2 years of role plays on a mission and professional training with role playing, I find them very awkward! Lest you think me trite, I offer my alternative: I found the best gauge is to let the “students” teach. I find this a much better tell of a learners level of understanding. I also know from personal experience that when I teach what I have learned to someone else, I cement what I know and uncover what I don’t.

    That will be $5 US please.

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