Laura Cotton takes action to end her leg burning trend

For the last year I’ve been burning the back of my legs nearly every morning. Huh … how you ask? Well … the Trinidad sun is blazing by early morning and by the time I leave my home office in late morning to visit client offices, the sun has drenched my car and turned my dark gray leather seat into a skillet.

I slide in and immediately jerk up my knees to protect my little legs (gosh … why do I wear skirts every day?). No matter how fast my a/c can blast out cool air, my back is immediately sweaty and my legs are tender from the roasted leather.

Every time … and I do mean every time … I tell myself “Laura, you’ve got to get a sun visor!”

Well … finally I did. I was going to be “early” (which in reality I was going to on time since it was exactly 11 a.m.) for an appointment (no one would really be there until 11:20 a.m. or so – it is Trinidad, after all) and needed to kill some time. I was in St. James near the Chinese sell-everything store and saw an open parking spot on the street so I stopped in. Well … a sun visor wasn’t one of the “every things” the shop sold but they told me that the car shop down the street did carry it. So I headed that way. It was hot. And it was more than a couple blocks.

Hmmm … Maybe I could just get it another time.

Noooo! You know what will happen, Laura. You will put it off for another year. You’re almost there already. Just go two more blocks. Gheesh!

So I kept walking. And wouldn’t you know, driving at one of the intersections was a friend who offered to drive me the two blocks. I accepted. We went. He even voluntarily paid for the visor. So nice!

Now …

For months I knew I needed something to proactively deflect forces that burn and hurt. I had even hinted to friends of my want of a sun visor. But it was only when it was extremely convenient did I actually do something to address my very uncomfortable situation. And even then, I almost got detracted from following through because it required a bit more work then anticipated. Don’t we all do this to some degree? We can see it better and are more apt to do something when we see it in others. That’s just another area in which we as public relations and communications professionals can assist. Push the work along!