Pearl Strategies Musical Gems Vol. 1: Eleven songs to juice up your PR toolkit.

You first press down the “Pause” button then you press down “Record” button. The next step is to be within arm’s reach of the tape recorder so when the DJ spins a good song … bam! … you press “Pause” again and you’ve got the song.  The tricky part is to press “Pause” at just the right time to capture as much of the song while not getting any of the DJ’s voice or the song after. I sharpened such delicate timing during many nights lying on the mauve carpet of my bedroom with my homework and boombox strategically placed in front of me.

Ahhh … memories of making mixed tapes.  If I made a mixed tape today named “Pearl Strategies’ Musical Gems Vol. 1” (yeah … that’s a working title) these would be the songs etched on the ribbon.

“Know Your Enemy” Green Day – It’s all about knowing your audience.

“Whataya Want from Me?” Adam Lambert – You gotta have a main objective to get want you want.

“In My Head” Jason DeRulo – It’s helpful to picture what you want to happen. In my head it’s going down, too.

“Three Little Birds” Bob Marley – I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know (and sing along to) Bob’s main message in this song.

“Kiss” Prince – Those are some pretty darn good supporting messages about how he wants your kiss.

“Stupid Mouth” John Mayer – Avoid being a social casualty. Stay on message and think before speaking.

“Follow Through” Gavin DeGraw – If you say you’re gonna do something, do it.

“Take Me There” Rascal Flatts – Listen … use those ears.

“Can’t Touch This” MC Hammer – Confidence goes a looooong way. Channel some “hammer time” if ya need to.

“We Not Giving Up” Machel Montano – Commit and work hard … and a few syncopated hand claps for added measure.

“Under Pressure” Queen – Stay calm and don’t let stress show.