Answering emails even during a kitchen chat with my mother.

BBM and email while I’m waiting at all red lights (I, of course, put my Blackberry down when the light changes to green and then pick it back up at the next red light).

I do something productive while watching TV – laundry, work, baking or ironing.

I have a “commercial channel” I flip to while my preferred program is on commercial break so I don’t have to “waste time” watching advertisements.

I switch screens to work on something else when a page is loading on the Internet (the number of open windows on my Mac at all times is obnoxious).

I browse Facebook when I’m talking to someone via Skype.

I listen to Headline News while I putting on my make-up every morning.

While I prefer to think of it as maximizing my time, I think it’s more about filling time.  I realized I’m reluctant to sit still and be quiet for fear of seeming idle – or rather am I a product of the electronic age and crave constant brain stimulation?

What do you think?