It was 1:18 p.m. and the phone rang, indicating that my radio interview with Heartbeat 103.5 on behalf of Fashion Week Trinidad & Tobago was about to begin.

Maxine, the radio personality, greeted me, I waited through the rest of the song, a paid political announcement (it was election time after all in Trinidad & Tobago) and Fashion Week’s 30-second commercial.  Now … my turn.

You know the really annoying screech that sounds when a person calls into a radio station and has his/her own radio volume on high?  Well … the feedback I had was 10 times more distracting. Every time I talked, I heard a two-second-delay echo.  I was hearing my own interview through the phone receiver.

“We had the largest ever … we had the largest ever …”

Have you ever tried to think about what to say next when what you are presently saying is being repeated – in your own voice – back to you? It’s extremely difficult to ignore the “voice” and focus on what should come out of your mouth next.

At first, I paused to regroup my thoughts and then when I heard the pause in the echo, I realized I’ve paused too long.  You never want your echo to catch up with you – that means dead air!

I literally had exercise some mind detachment – like cutting a connecting wire – to be able to ignore what was playing back in my ear other than Maxine’s questions.

Because it was a live interview so I couldn’t interrupt the interview to correct the technical glitch so I just dealt with it – and the knowledge that I probably sounded like an out-of-time record player.

Just another live interview experience to add to my portfolio – filed next to the live radio interview completed as I was getting my car jumpstarted in the middle of a busy Atlanta road and when a Peoria TV reporter asked if I was single and offered to set up me during a live interview about new airline service. Gheesh.