It took a silly baby shower game to remind me to think outside the perforated lines.

Nine squares.  That’s how many squares of toilet paper it took to almost encompass Melissa’s pregnant belly. (To clarify, it was a baby shower game.) I was just about an inch shy of a perfect fit.  I thought I was so good until four other people estimated the same measurement.  But we were all confident we were going to share the prize when, low and behold, Allison stepped up and wrapped her nine-and-a-half squares around my friend’s growing belly.

Ummmm … yeah … it didn’t even occur to me that I could tear the paper somewhere other than the seams.  Here I teach “thinking outside the box” solutions and I fell guilty of the same thing I counsel against – only considering the options that are obvious.

It took a silly baby shower game to remind me that it is so easy to lapse into the lazy way of thinking and not allow myself to think outside of the perforated lines.   Next time, I’m gonna rock that game and win that prize!