Dane shows us his muscles and teaching us lessons in "faking it."

I have the cutest nephews and nieces ever.  Nope … don’t even try the “Just-wait-until-you-see-mine” competition.  There is no contest … period.

Not only are they cute, but they are pretty darn smart, too.  From Kade I’ve learned about the inner workings of a pendulum clock and that you can, in fact, make wooden gears out of your grandfather’s “extra” cedar wood.  From Zachary I’ve learned if you brag long enough about how you’re stronger than a house that you may, in fact, break your three-year-old sister’s arm. From BraeLyn I learned that the most important subject in school is lunch. From Sydney I learned that if even if your aunt’s knee-high boots reach past your hips, you can still work them sister. If there is a will, there is a way.

The latest lesson is from Dane. Quite simply, he likes to show off his muscles. And we like to watch him. Admittedly, we egg him on but how can you not when the end result is just so adorable? But it reminds me that when encourage others to show off and boast about attributes they really don’t have, they will eventually think that what they got is the real deal and that all bonefide deals are fake.

Now, I’m advocate of “fake it until you make it” but you gotta “make it” eventually to make the “fake it” effective. You have to recognize you don’t have want to you want and strive for it in order to get it.  Or else people are gonna notice that your puny little muscles are just that … puny … and merely give you the courtesy laugh or stop paying attention all together. Grrrrrrr …

Check out the full video of Dane’s muscle flex.