I told him I would give him a gold star. And so I did. After all … I’m a woman of my word. WhileImage it was just a cut out of gold star clipart printed on a color printer, taped to his computer monitor it was a bright representation of recognition. As more gold stars appeared on other staff monitors, some office colleagues joked about “digressing” and “preschool” and I second-guessed my gesture. Then I remembered the intention in which it was done … to recognize good, hard work. If such a simple and innocent gesture of appreciation was construed as anything different, then I feel sorry for those who look at it in that light.

To be able to appreciate and find joy in things that made us happy and motivated when we were young is incredibly valuable when we’re not-so-young. Who says that to be older and wiser means to be older and jaded? So here’s to Google image searches, a pair of scissors and a roll of tape.