Everyday. Yes, EVERYDAY my darling 16-month-old Adelaide wants something she can’t have. Whew! It gets exhausting sometimes. My solution?  Distraction.

While not rocket science or a patent-winning solution, it is extremely effective. Mastering the art of distraction means succeeding in motherhood. And as I calmed the cries of my cutie-pie little Laidey I realized the same goes for succeeding with personal presentation.

When Adelaide and I are in the kitchen preparing dinner (and I do the delicate dance around the child and hot stove routine), I don’t draw attention to a “dangerous” item before she notices it and say: “See that Adelaide? That’s the sharp knife you always think would be a fun toy but you can’t have it.” Instead I quickly hide it before she sees it or I draw her attention to something more appropriate… like the wooden cooking spoon.

So when you’re in a meeting presenting your grand plan (and doing the delicate dance around egos and hot topics) don’t draw attention to items you don’t want them to notice and say: “Ignore my frizzy hair. I’m having a bad hair day.”  Or “Sorry if I seem nervous. I didn’t have time to run though the presentation.”  Instead look them straight in the eye and distract them with your confidence, presentation skills or attractive smile.

Like Adelaide, they are guaranteed to not notice the “dangerous item” unless you point it out or make it obvious.

Now … off to distract my determined daughter from trying steal my laptop from me.