I always find it interesting to read the messages people display on their cars’ rear windows.

There are always a good number of religious messages:
“Who God hath chosen none shall destroy”

Then there are the proclamations of self:
“Baby girl”
“Da Boss”

Then there are the statements of wisdom:
“No $ keep walking” (that’s done with the Johnnie Walker man)
“Don’t stop believing”

And then there are the graphical ones:
Playboy bunny
Calvin relieving himself
Family stick figures

While stuck in Port of Spain traffic recently I read a good many and I thought long and hard about what I would use. I mean … this is the declaration to the world of how I think of myself and how I want others to perceive me. This is more than a status message, this is a permanent “this-is-me” message for all to see … all the time.

I’m still thinking about what I would display. I thought about the words of wisdom that made an impact on me: My mother’s “Remember who you are.” Or my life changing “Who says?” Or the nickname “Cottonater.” But nothing has hit me as THE one. I think I’ll just let my actions speak for me.

P.S. I asked Tony (my sweetheart) if he were to display a message on his car (which I would never give consent to do) what message would it be. His answer surprised me: “Don’t look at her rear. Look at mine.”