As I stood in front of three favorite West Indies cricketers I could just see the thought scroll through their mind: “Why do we have to sit in an etiquette session?”

ImageSo I pulled out some numbers.

US $65 million. US $44 million. US $42 million

They perked up REAL fast.

Those are amounts top international athletes added to their bank account in 2013 for endorsements only. Yeaaahhhhh … that does not include their normal salary or winnings. Just endorsements. Just one year.

We chatted about why these athletes were selected out of everyone to represent a brand (and subsequently fatten their wallet)? They are polished … likeable … respectful … charismatic … always “on.”

By learning how to always treat others with respect, doing the little things that make people feel special, presenting yourself in the best manner always … that gets you noticed and gets you further than your sporting talent alone.

In the words of one of the cricketers, “A smile is money.”

(Darren Bravo … I told you I was going to use that quip forever more.)