I am a sucker for clean, simple, effective advertising. Give me a simple message and clean graphic and forget about the clutter. So today I’m giving a big up to Bermudez for their Crix campaign. In general its advertising has always been easy on the eyes but the new campaign for their new packaging is fabulous.

In Trinidad & Tobago where culture is very much tied to what goes in the belly, Crix is part of its fabric … its identity … since 1923. Don’t mess with their Crix and cheese, ya’ll.

Crix advertising is fabulous
Photo courtesy of Bermudez Ltd

So the fact that the creative team behind the Crix advertising uses the familiarity to create a no-frills, bold creative with minimal copy is intelligent and effective. Big up to the advertising agency. And double big up for the fantastic Crix Street Food Festival initiative. I really like to see marketing and advertising done right.

Now I think I’ll raid the cupboard for some Crix and peanut butter.