Our Leading Lady, Laura Cotton, is convinced that her professional life before children helped prep her for motherhood. Check out her Top 10 benefits:

  1. I can look as cool as a single girl lounging at the pool when my kids are tearing in two separate directions at the playground.laura OPM 29mar2012_v2
    Though I may not feel so calm on the inside.
  2. I can negotiate like a beast with my four-year old
    Adelaide was born with the negotiation skills of steel.
  3. I can tune out almost any noise thanks to my early careers days working in a cubicle.
    Those pesky toys with sound? Don’t even hear ‘em.
  4. Multitasking? Not a problem.
    As I am writing this I’m brushing Adelaide’s My Little Pony hair at her request, planning dinner, and making sure Oliver doesn’t escape out of the doors he just figured out how to open.
  5. My difficult bosses and clients were a great warm-up to the most demanding bosses ever: two-year-old Oliver and five-year old Adelaide.
    And demanding is an understatement.
  6. After making big decisions affecting the fate of thousands of people, picking out names and schools doesn’t seem so intimidating
    Though that daily what-to-make-for-dinner decision is a killer.
  7. I’m comfortable being resourceful and solving problems in a pinch.
    It is amazing what you can find in your bag that can double as a toy.
  8. Efficiency? Got that down.
    I only have 30 minutes to bathe both kids, myself, dress all three of us, pack snacks and necessities in a bag, send off three important emails and make that phone call? Consider it done!
  9. I’ve been primed to live on little sleep and meals.
    Wait?! It’s been 10 hours since I last ate and I’m still on the road? Gimme a few Goldfish and I’m good.
  10. I understand non-stop from morning ‘til night.
    That crazy stressful job when I woke up at 4 a.m. to attack the to-do list before people started to blow up my phone? That was a perfect indoctrination to the world of babies and toddlers and the on-the-clock-round-the-clock life of motherhood.

Coming up next … Laura’s Top 10 ways that motherhood has enhanced her professional life.