Photo: Presenters at Recession Proof 2016 (L to R): Gillian Wall (Group CEO, IBB), Zikomo Townsend (Macro Analyst and Portfolio Manager, Unit Trust Corporation), Rene Davis (Assistant Lecturer, Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business), Philip Williams (Head of Research, Investment Department, Unit Trust Corporation), Laura Cotton (Managing Director, Pearl Strategies).

Yesterday I had the privilege of participation in Recession Proof: Staying in Demand – seminar created to address the concerns of professionals and business during an economic downturn. I was asked to present ideas and trends in winning and keeping customers.
Giving the limit of 20 minutes for my presentation, I sat down to figure out what was the most-important-can’t-live-without message essential for any start-up, growing or established business to know regarding how to serve customers and win their loyalty (because, you know, 20 minutes goes by like *that*). I needed a Golden Rule … and it was the ACTUAL Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Customer service, customer loyalty, customer relations, member services (whatever you call it) is all about relationships. That is the ultimate behavior guide to succeed in any relationship is to treat the other person like you would want to be treated.

While having an overarching rule and principle is essential. Some of us like to have a easy to understand quick list of things to implement. So here are my Fab 5 Tips for winning customers:

  1. Communicate
    • Make it easy to contact you
    • Always respond
    • Be proactive
    • Use your magic words
  2. Be honest
    • Tell the truth
    • Say “no”if it’s no
    • Be authentic
  3. Stay reliable
    • Do what you say you’re going to do
    • Be consistent
    • Maintain quality
    • Earn loyalty
  4. Have personality
    • Engage and break down business barriers
    • Capitalize on what makes you unique
    • Act human
    • Be likable
  5. Show gratitude
    • Thank your customer in word and deed
    • Do something nice and unexpected
    • Personalize the experience.

Check out Laura Cotton’s full Winning Customers presentation HERE. A big thanks to ODEM Business for the invitation.

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