Inspiration comes in a variety of ways and places. It just so happened that it came to me today in a gas station restroom. As I walked in I couldn’t help but notice the oh-too-common graffiti of names, dates and messages written on the wall by people who visited the same restroom days or years before.

“Why do people do that?” I instantly thought, shaking my head a bit. And then this responding thought followed: “Because they want to make their mark and be remembered somehow. Don’t we all?”

Here are three better ways to leave your mark without using a Sharpie marker on a bathroom wall.

1. Be genuine. Be yourself. The best way to stand out is to be like no one else and just be you.

2. Be nice. People like people who make them feel good. So be kind, show gratitude, and choose to lift others rather than tear them down. People will remember those feel-good feelings and want to be around you again.

3. Do something. It’s hard to be remembered if you don’t do something. Wake up and make something positive happen. Then repeat.