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Fab Four Lessons Learned While Living in the West Indies

For the past 12 years I’ve had the privilege of working and living more than 2400 miles away from my native land. The experiences garnered throughout these years have made me into a better person, more effective leader and aware... Continue Reading →

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Crix: Doing it better

I am a sucker for clean, simple, effective advertising. Give me a simple message and clean graphic and forget about the clutter. So today I’m giving a big up to Bermudez for their Crix campaign. In general its advertising has... Continue Reading →

Say What? Rear Window Wisdom

I always find it interesting to read the messages people display on their cars’ rear windows. There are always a good number of religious messages: “Blessed” “Who God hath chosen none shall destroy” Then there are the proclamations of self:... Continue Reading →

Never trust a teenager with a backpack at a party

Recently I agreed to have a teen party hosted at my house. I know … I must be crazy. So the Saturday night came and approximately 80 teenagers filtered through the gate onto my short driveway. Perched at my second-story... Continue Reading →

A big bang needs a heads up

We passed by the uniformed officer who told us we couldn’t park in the usual parking lot for church.  Having seen a few uniformed policemen gathering on a nearby street and the pounding of practicing drums, I figured there was... Continue Reading →

Sweet talk and oven rides

Yeah … it was really like an oven. The floors, ceiling and walls lined with insulated aluminum foil. Jamund and I slid in with our backs to the wall and our feet to the open door. Then they closed the door. Pitch black.

Southern charm earns eyes and ears

I walked away from class with a few giggles of my own. Something as simple as showing them a little bit of “me” – something unique – was all it took to win over the tough crowd. It’s amazing what a dose of genuine self will do.

A motivational kick in the pants

Not since my Brigham Young University college days (shout out to the Rulon L. Bradley PRSSA Chapter) have I enjoyed a local professional chapter that is so dedicated to developing its members. Thanks IABCTT!

I do casual Fridays … homestyle

I work out of a home office. But don’t let the “home” part fool you. I’m fully dressed, sitting at my desk and focusing on my laptop screen by 9 a.m. every morning. But I do observe Casual Fridays.

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