The best marketing tools are you and your people. So why not polish ’em up?

Pearl Strategies provides etiquette and image development training for social and business situations for employees with companies interested in improve their public image, entrepreneurs trying to stand out from the competition, entertainers looking to make a lasting, positive impression, and anyone with the desire to increase their opportunity for success.

Our passion is to coach our clients to apply principles in their everyday lives, which will:

  • Instill confidence
  • Distinguish you from the ordinary
  • Help you resolve difficult situations

We customize each workshop for your organization to provide you, your leaders and your staff with the tools needed to build confidence, succeed in all circumstances, and set you apart from your competitors.

·  Everyday workplace etiquette
·  Developing positive workplace climate
·  Building effective workplace relationships
·  Dealing with difficult employees
·  Handling difficult customers
·  Communicating difficult messages
·  Effective business communication
·  Winning customer service
·  Dealing with difficult situations
·  Motivating your team
·  Business travel & entertaining
·  Dining etiquette
·  Strategic socializing & networking
·  International business etiquette
·  Working with VIPs & diplomats
·  Ambassador/spokesperson coaching
·  Welcoming new hires
·  Bridging cultural & generational gaps
·  Creating your personal brand & image
·  Be a conversation champion
·  Effective business writing
·  Business ethics
·  Stand out & make positive impressions
·  Presentation & facilitation skills
·  Public speaking
·  Personal style & grace

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